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Holiness – of God

Holy defined- specially recognized or declared sacred

  • God is the source of holiness
  • Separate and distinct- Exodus 15:11; 1Sam 2:2
  • God hates sin  Ps 5:4; because it separates us from Him. Isaiah 59:2


  1. He cannot overlook our sin.  Habakkuk 1:13; Rom 3:23
  2. He cannot tempt us to sin James 1:13, 1Cor 10:13
  3. When we sin, we sin against God Gen 39:9, 2 Sam 12:13
  4. He imparts righteousness to us through His holiness 2Cor 5:21
  5. He gives us the potential, power, and provision for us to live holy lives Rom 6:12, Titus 2:11-14


Holiness – for us

Holy – saintly, godly, devout


Positional  (what God does for us)- we are holy because God is holy  and happens when we are saved.  2Cor 5:21, Heb 10:10-14

Practical – (what the Sprit does within us)

  • Holiness is not an option Heb 12:14
  • Holiness is required for intimate fellowship with God Psalm 15:1-5
  • Holiness is required for our own well being.  Heb12:6 Holiness
  • Holiness is necessary to serve God 2Tim 2:19-21

Perfected holiness – when we are fully glorified  1John 3:2; Phil 3:20-21

Our Response

Psalm 99:9; Rev 15:4

Bring glory to His name:

  • Through worship
  • Through a spiritually disciplined life – walk in the Spirit Gal 5:16-18
  • Through service
  • Through a love of His Word
  • Through a strong dislike of sin


Attributes of God – Holiness

Pray, Read, Seek, Take Notes!

  1. Look up Scripture verses that describe God’s Holiness.
  2. List them with notes

Q. Is God’s holiness shared with believers?  Why or why not?

Write out Exodus 15:11 and Psalm 99:9

Q. Do you know someone you thought of as holy?  Describe their character.

Have you considered your holiness? 

  1. What does it look like to God?
  2. What does it look like to the church?
  3. What does it look like to the non-believer?

Holiness is an attribute that is difficult to grasp, yet we are called to it.  Ask God to help you to become more holy in your mind, heart, and spirit.   What is your prayer today?

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