Hello!  I am so glad you stopped by. I created this site so I could give you materials to study the Bible and hopefully grow in your love of Christ. Please feel free to use and share the materials on this site.

Who am I?  I am a woman seeking to be transformed by God.  I believe that Christian’s seek to “change” their lives by going to church, serving on committees, giving to the poor, etc.  These are all good things, but I believe that God calls us to much more.  He calls us to be transformed into His image.  This seldom happens in a church pew.

I continue to seek Him through a willing heart to see those things I don’t want to see, to be obedient to His will regardless of the consequences, to surrender those things I hold dear that do not bring Glory to God, and to step out to express the profound love of Christ.   This is a lifelong quest.

I pray that these materials will help you in your journey toward transformation.

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